High Quality Interior & Exterior Decorating


We can undertake any painting and decoration project.

We work to a very high standard inside and out.

To make sure that our standards are maintained we handle these aspects of the job.

Stonework – We remove all loose, flaking and unstable coatings with wire brush and blow torch.

All crumbling stone is hacked off and refilled with either cement or ‘toupret’ filler.

Cracks are raked out, filled and smoothed with areas given 1 coat of exterior stablilising primer.

Surfaces are then covered with 2 coats of masonry paint.

Woodwork – Where paint coatings are flaking, bubbled, built up in corner or unstable, these will be burned off, or removed by raking with a shave hook, back to bare timber.

Surfaces will be washed down then sanded with abrasive, until smooth and filled with either linseed putty or wood filler.

No cellulose fillers would be used on timber.

Defective putty to be raked out, rebates primed and putty re-run.

Bare timber to be given 1 priming coat of oil based primer.

Timber is sanded between coats.

Products we use